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  2. ACCEPTED At this time you have been accepted for the Affliction Networks Garry's Mod staff team I (Mccarthy) should message you on discord soon. Welcome to the team!
  3. So with the ban Hammer gave me i was unbanned you have to understand the circumstances i was being killed by VDM and RDM all day i explained this and was unbanned, i appreciate your response though.
  4. -1 - Weren't false warns as I was there myself - I think you got banned by Hammer himself @One - You bring toxicity to the community - Overall just not a good fit +1 - Detailed app tho
  5. +1 I agree with what hammer said he has a large amount of detail and seemingly a decent bit of experience... As far as the warnings go no one is perfect and ppl make mistakes and people learn from them so as far as that front goes i'm not too concerned.
  6. +1 I agree on giving him a chance at staff providing his warnings check out to be false as he claims.
  7. What is your IGN? Karl Larson What is your Discord? Awaiks#3718 What is your age? 19 What is your Timezone? GMT When did you first join Affliction Networks servers? I Joined the Network a week ago but have been playing Serious RP for over 3 years. Why are you applying to be a staff member for Affliction Networks? I feel like I can make a big impact on the server itself, with my experience so far it has been very negative when I have been on due to players breaking rules at the times I tend to play as no admins are on during these hours. I find it very stressful and would love to help solve this issue and rid the server of any minges during the times other admins are unable to do so, players are constantly joining throughout the day but then being forced to leave due to other players actions and its just not a good experience I would love to change that. Furthermore I have been playing serious rp servers for many years now and have the experience to be a top tier staff member and maybe even help teach others about certain rules as I know there's a thin line between what is right and what is wrong but with my experience I have seen it all before and know the answers, I also would like to mention I have been an administrator on other gmod servers so training would be very minimal which is great for you guys. The main point to mention is I am very passionate about seeing this server succeed as I love Santos and would love for it to be as big as it once was because quite frankly I miss those days, I also have ideas I can bring to the table and I think you'd like to hear. What makes you different from other applicants? The key difference between me and other applicants is the passion I have for making this community great, when I say I miss the days of Santos I mean that with every part of me I really do want to see it booming again and I think I can be a help to make that happen, I have 3 years experience and have learned the rules to a T, My time zone means that I can look after the server while no one else can ensuring the server remains minge free during them hours and keeps the player count healthy throughout the day, Also I am very active in general if I was to become a staff member I will ensure I put my time into this and make it great along side your great staff team. What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience? I will ensure that all players are treated fairly and receive punishment not just to punish them but so they learn so next time they know what to do in certain scenarios, I understand that not all players have been onto SantosRP and I know for sure that not all players read the rules so I will spread the rules across the city and ensure our player base is up to date with how things work. I would also like to mention I wont stand for staff members abusing their power I will report any abuse straight away ensuring the server is run by only the most experienced staff members. Would you like to add anything else? I would like to add that the warnings placed on my account were put on there by an admin that sided with a toxic member of the community, I have suspicions this was because that certain player is infact a female I could be wrong but I know for sure I did not deserve a warning especially after the way she was behaving thankyou.
  8. https://gmod-servers.com/server/154773/
  9. Welcome to Rockwell RP! here we hope you come back and continue to carry out with us in this ride of learning new things and having fun!. Here at the Management team we want to make sure that our experience in santos RP changes your perspective of true RP! Below are gonna be the Rules to the server please make sure to understand that the rules are just like some IRL laws we will be loose on rules as long as there is a reasonable explanation and it was justified or a mistake, Please understand that Staff team also makes mistakes we aren't perfect but as it stands we will try our best to provide the best service thank you! 1) No RDM or initation in a green zone unless warranted or have a bolo by police otherwise thats fine. 2) No VDM unless in a RP or initatied Fight turned into a violent altercation . 3) No advertising of anyform unless given permission by management. 4) No exploiting or using bugs as a advantage over other players. 5) No repeatative RP so don't Be involved in 5 shootouts within a 10 minute time span (This has Happened Before). 6) Bank Robberies and Police Hostage taking is only allowed with 5 or more officers online. 7) Civilian on Civilian Hostage taking is only allowed with 3 or more officers online. This Also so goes for Civ on Civ Robbery and Mugging 8 ) Hitman RP is allowed but only as a Registered Hitman. When carrying out a hit a Advertisement must be subitted with persons name that is on hit. 9) Do not job abuse. 10) PD raids are allowed but only with 5 or more officers online with a Advertisement BEFORE lock picking or breaking into any doors. 11) DDosing threats or hacking will be dealt with in a invesigation and not be taken lightly will more than likely resuly in Perm Ban. 12) Disrespect can be takin in many ways and many result in many different arrays of punishment, For example Calling someone a Racial Slur may get you Banned. 13) NLR rule if you are apart of a scene and are killed you are not allowed to come back until 10 minutes or the Scene has been cleaned up by Emergency Services. 14) Minging or being annoying out of character to anger members is not allowed. 15) Civilian 5 ranked members are allowed to do mass shooting RP with Admin permission and Civ Administration Permission following up with a Advertisement. 16) Admin policy States that if someone in a sit requests a Supervisor the Admin taking the Sit must do so. 17) If you are done wrong by emergency services you cannot call a admin for false arrest you must take this up with a legal team find RP in these scenarios. 18) If you are being held up and you have your car engine on you are allowed to drive away but if its off and you turn it on and drive thats Fear RP. 19) If you are being held up the person holding you up must give you 3 seconds to comply then they can shoot or kill you. 20) Hostage taking allows suspect to ask for money the limit for money is 20K. 21) Hostage taking of your own gang or party is not allowed. 22) Prop Pushing is a Bannable offense. 23) Do not prop block. 24) Public crafting is not allowed. 25) Prop Surfing/Prop Climbing is also not allowed. 26) No mic spamming. 27) Toxicity is not allowed. 28) Cop baiting is not Allowed by any means if seen cop baiting a warn will be issued 29) Interferring with a RP scene will be considered Fail RP 30) When involved in a Store or Bank Robbery all party members must be in the building 31) Wall banging while not having proper textures will be a Bannable offense that will be investigated 32) Yelling in a staff sit will result in a Warn for Disorderly Conduct/Uncooperative (When in a sit its best to not yell but instead be reasonable and explain each others point without yelling) 33) Player Disrespect will only be bannable or warnable if taken out of character 34) When in a conflict with police in a Building the Civilian MUST announce their presence and their intentions While being in the same building 35) If you have a Head Injury you have wiped all memory for the passed 10 minutes 36) Gang RP is only allowed as bring a Registered Civ and also Registered Gang member 37) Terrorist RP is allowed for Civilian 5 ranked registered members 38) Impersonation is not allowed 39) Stealing of any Emergency service Vehicles are not allowed 40) Breaking laws as city workers is not allowed  41) Killing yourself to avoid being taken hostage or killed or arrested will be considered Fear RP/Failing to value life 42) Scamming is not allowed 43) Driving recklessly in a manner thats constant and or for attention will be considered fail driving 44) Disrespecting the server and its memebers are not allowed 45) Political Statements are not allowed
  10. I will have to agree with Smiley on this one. We recommend that you add as much detail as possible. We recommend that you have Little to no active warnings. J. Texas (Community Manager)
  11. Hello my name is Slimey or my real name is Ethan. I'm a 17 year old kid that does web development front end and backend which I do for RockwellRP, I'm in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) I'm a Gunner for the RCA. You'll mostly find me on the server either as Slim J or Kurtes Jackson I'm also a Staff Sergeant (SSGT) For the PD. I'm known in the community here mostly, but yeeee i'll post more updates on developments projects etc cool cool peace out.
  12. -1 - Very little detail to the application. - Mingy in-game. - Couple in-game warnings? ( Will edit if wrong ) - Cool guy but don't think is a fit for the staff.
  13. What is your IGN? EM2 What is your Discord? Revan!te#2879 What is your age? 17 What is your Timezone? GMT When did you first join Affliction Networks servers? I've been here since the first gmod server. Why are you applying to be a staff member for Affliction Networks? Because I feel like the server needs more staff because when I play the server, there is barely any staff on and a lot of rule breakers. What makes you different from other applicants? I have 2 years experience as a head admin on another server, I'm not biased and treat everyone fairly and with respect, I will always help other staff members and players and I would enforce the server rules greatly. Also I am always active on the server, therefore I can provide help whenever it is needed. What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience? I would make sure all the rule breakers are dealt with to keep all players happy at all times, I would respond to admin calls always so the issue is resolved quickly and I feel like I would bring happiness to the community. Would you like to add anything else? No
  14. What is your IGN? What is your Discord? What is your age? What is your Timezone? When did you first join Affliction Networks servers? Why are you applying to be a staff member for Affliction Networks? What makes you different from other applicants? What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience? Would you like to add anything else?
  15. 1) How old are you? REQUIRED14 15 2) What time zone are you from? 3) What brings you to DOJ? tREQUIRED4) Applying for the DOJ what are your intentions? 5) What do you understand in Law? 6) Explain why we should we accept you? 7) What is your discord Name ( johndoe#1234 )? 8). What is your name in game?
  16. Discord name: In game Character name or names: Reason for ban: How long were you banned for?: Who banned you?: Explain why you got banned and did you learn your lesson?:
  17. Gives your player access to the following:
    (Not an full list as sometimes we do add .. We'll try to keep this updated though)


    1. Access to closed beta
    2. VIP Discount upon release of Closed Beta (For upgrading)

    5.00 USD

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